a big "Thank You" ... and bigger expectations

I told our church staff that if the Lord were to truly shape us into being a "missional" church, we will look back on this past Sunday night's Fall Festival as a major turning point!  I've been at CPC since 1986 and I honestly can't remember a time where so many and such a diverse group of church members contributed to an event of this nature.  It was quite a blessing to see the body work together to do ministry to our children and to the community!  And non-CPC visitors seemed to show up in record numbers!  Had it not started to rain I think many of them would still be waiting in line to make a smore ... to ride the horse ... to go fish for candy ... to get their face painted ... etc.  It seemed the Lord truly blessed the work of our laboring together for the purpose of mission.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped make the Fall Festival such a spectacular event.

But let's not stop and just pat ourselves on the back and think we can rest from mission.  If this record number of visitors / guests revealed anything, it showed me that there are SO many folks out there who need to be reached with the Gospel.  And apparently they're not as afraid to come to a church event as we are afraid to ask and invite them!  With a sense of urgency and compassion, let's keep this missional mindset in gear and intentionally, aggressively, and repeatedly invite our friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and family to come to worship with us.  Since the Narrow Road Fellowship folks aren't with us on Sundays, we have plenty of space.  Let's also invite them to other upcoming events - a Sunday night community group, our Thanksgiving Feast on 24 Nov, Christmas Eve service, etc.  I truly believe and expect that as Community Church continues to work together in this posture we will see many folks come to know Christ and be assimilated into His family in the coming months!

As for this Sunday's worship service, Quinn Hill will be preaching from John 1:1-14.  Read through this passage as you prepare to hear God's Word.  Remember, also, to prepare your hearts to come to the Lord's Table and feast on His grace.