Finishing with Idols

This Sunday, October 13, we will finish the sermon series on Idols.  Our focus will not so much be on why idols are bad, why we must avoid idols,  how to defeat idols, etc. but will instead focus on how we are to live in a culture that is so saturated with idols.  Our text is Acts 17:16-34 and we will focus on what Paul did as he was in Athens and spoke to the Areopagus (an established body with great authority over civil and religious life in Athens).  Though greatly distressed over the rampant idolatry encountered there, Paul intentionally and strategically used their idol worship to his advantage as he proclaimed Christ to the people.  Perhaps we could learn something about how we, too, should respond to the idolatry in our own culture.  Please read the passage and prayerfully prepare your hearts for our time of worship together this Sunday.

This Sunday you'll see me carrying about a new Bible.  As Anita has told me, I didn't "need" a new Bible, there was nothing wrong with the one I was using, and I certainly hadn't worn it out from overuse ... but nevertheless, I'm trying out the newly published Gospel Transformation Bible.  The general editor of this work is a PCA pastor and former president of Covenant Theological Seminary, Bryan Chapell.  If you want to check it out, go to this site -  Or if you want to take a look at mine, feel free to ask.