The Disturbing Message of Christmas

It may hard for any of us to conceive how the message of Christmas could be disturbing to anyone.  After all, it's the time we celebrate our Savior's birth; the time we rejoice in His coming to be born a man to redeem sinful man; the time we give thanks for the salvation that is found in Him alone.  All this is precisely true ... and it is a time for us to shout praise to His holy name for His amazing grace in providing for us the promised Messiah who would save us from our sins.  But if we look deep within our hearts we may see that we function more as a "Herod" than as "wise men" (see Matthew 2:1-12) and we may be a bit "troubled."  This Sunday we will examine this text in Matthew's gospel and ask the Lord to show us the true condition of our hearts and how we should then respond. 

In addition, please make plans to attend Community's annual candlelight service on Christmas Eve at 5:30.  This is not only a precious time for our church family, it is also a great opportunity to bring with you a friend or neighbor who doesn't have a church home.  Most everyone, even the unchurched, is more than willing to be invited and attend some sort of church service during the Christmas season.  At that service the gospel will be clearly presented and we're praying that the Lord will change the hearts of many as a result of that particular evening.