Happy New Year!

This past year of 2013 has been a very busy and active year in the life of Community Presbyterian Church.  Among the highlights:

  • released a music CD of worship songs
  • started a new Sunday School class for young adults
  • sent another family to the mission field (Webbers to Africa)
  • hosted a great fall festival
  • purchased a facility in Leeds
  • Narrow Road Fellowship Church (Leeds) started regular Sunday night meetings

As tremendous and significant as some of these things might be, Community Presbyterian Church has not and will never be known as a church that views "events" as a sign of church health and vitality.  And though we'll continue to plan and enjoy such fun events we will seek to evaluate the church's health on the daily routine of our people ... the mundane, tedious, simple, ordinary, commonplace, dull routines of everyday life.  How do we begin each day?  How do we respond when traffic delays our plans?  What do we think about when we're alone?  What do we do when we're wronged?  How do we treat our family?  How do we treat our enemies?  How quickly will we admit our sin?  What do we do right before we go to bed?  I believe our answers to these questions gives a much clearer picture of spiritual health than does a long list of special church events. 

With that in mind and knowing that the regular reading and study of God's Word truly transforms us, let me suggest that you select a Bible reading plan for 2014 that best fits your style.  Don't worry about picking the "best" plan ... just pick one that you can and will actually do.  Here's a link with several great options.

Bible reading plans

Also, let me encourage us as a church to return to being a very welcoming one.  We used to be known as the most welcoming around!  We probably all remember the days when folks like Mike Johnson greeted every single person at the door, engaged them in conversation, and introduced them to someone else.  Well, Mike's health doesn't allow him to lead us in this anymore so we now have to pick up the slack.  Please read the article linked below and let's see CPC return to being a most welcoming congregation.

being a guest friendly church


Join me in praying that God pours out His grace abundantly on our congregation during this coming year of 2014!  Again, we won't see this so much in a multitude of flashy events, but rather in the mundane routine of everyday life!