A New Start

I trust you enjoy using this new web site design for the church!  It will allow our staff to keep the congregation better informed of what's going on at Community as well as offering a means of outreach to those outside our church. 

By the way, this will be the new means of my weekly communication to the congregation.  I won't send out the mass email that I've been doing ... rather, we'll encourage and remind folks to frequently check out the website for my latest "blurt."  Follow us on Twitter (@CPCmoody) to be notified of new posts and other helpful info.

Some have asked about the changes here at Community ... new logo, new website, new weekly schedule, etc.  Why are we doing all this?  As mentioned in a congregational meeting, we are essentially trying to "replant" Community and specifically reach out to younger couples in our community ... and there are many of them!  So please understand that whatever changes are being made, they're for the sake of the mission to which we believe God has called us.  Join us in this bold mission and let's see many folks come to know and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.  To Him be all the glory and honor!