Smashing the Kettle

This is the title of our current sermon series on idolatry.  The name comes from the story of an old county man who had an encounter with a train.  As a young boy from the backwoods he was fascinated by the railroad tracks and found it to be great place to play.  And since he'd never actually seen a real train he didn't know what to make of the train's whistle as it approached.  He didn't get out of the way soon enough, thus was hit and severely injured.  Fast forward to his older years.  Still a backwoods country guy, he went to visit some relatives who offered him some tea.  During the conversation and as the water began to boil, the kettle began to whistle.  The man jumped up, grabbed the nearest object, rushed into the kitchen, and began to smash that kettle into pieces.  The host was shocked and rightfully asked, "what are you doing?"  His answer was simple ... "you need to destroy them things whilst they little 'cause when they grow up they get to be real dangerous."

This is the mindset we must adopt toward our idols - we must seek them out and destroy them before they become so big they consume us.  Hopefully our recent study of Joshua revealed this truth to us.  The people were clearly instructed to smash and destroy all the idols, not to flirt around with them.  The people disobeyed and allowed a a few of the idols to remain, these idols gained influence in the lives of the people, and before you know it (as seen in the next generation of Israelites mentioned in Judges) the people reject God and no longer follow Him.  May God's grace enable us, as we study His Word together, to deal with our idols harshly!

As mentioned last Sunday, David Balzer will be preaching here at Community this Sunday.  Pray for him as he prepares the message.  Also, missionary Kate DeFuniak will be here and will give an update during worship.  She will also be speaking to the Harvesters Sunday School class.  Pray for her, also.   

And one last thing!  Men, you're still invited to join the fall Leadership Development class that is now meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:00.  You will greatly benefit from the time together ... not just from the study material and readings, but especially by the fellowship and encouragement we're able to give each other.  If you want more info on this group please contact me. 

in Him,