Coming this Sunday - 22 Sept

I trust you enjoyed the teaching last week from David Balzer!  As you probably noticed, he is rather energetic and enthusiastic ... a welcome relief from the regular boring message each week!  Continue to pray for David as he seeks a permanent position.

This week we will return to our series on Idolatry.  Our text will be 1 John 2:15-17 and 2:28-3:3.  Here we find the command "do not love the world or the things in the world."  Certainly, this challenges our idolatrous hearts that love the things of this world.  Our first lesson in this series touched on this idea as we saw in Romans 1 that we love and serve created things more than we do the Creator.  The focus of this week's sermon will be trying to figure out how we can stop loving the world as we do.  We will look at the wisdom and teaching of an old Scottish minister, Thomas Chalmers (1780 – 1847).  Come and worship with us as we seek to better understand how to overcome our love for the world.

Let me also encourage you to get involved in adult Sunday School.  We have 3 excellent classes that provide the teaching and fellowship you need in order to grow in Christ.  Don't neglect the importance of Christian Education in your life.