Tastes Great ... Less Filling

No, I haven't joined the club of beer connoisseurs who enjoy all the fine distinctions of various brands, brews, and styles (most all of whom tell me they "hate" lite beer).   To be honest, I don't like the taste of beer at all ... yuk.  But we're all familiar with the advertising strategy of lite beer - "great taste ... less filling."  I believe this same slogan can be used to describe the ways of the world that so tempt and lure us away from Christ.  The things of the world truly do "taste great" but they are absolutely "less filling."  The only satisfaction the world offers is temporary at best.  In fact, we can say with integrity that the world is most unsatisfying.  This was the theme of last week's sermon from 1 John 2:15-17. 

This week we will continue in our series on idolatry by continuing this same idea, that the world may "taste great" but it doesn't satisfy or "fill" our hearts.  We're caught up in a frustrating cycle of tasting what the world offers, liking the taste for a moment, discovering it doesn't satisfy, thus having to move on to taste something else.  We constantly want something better, something more, something different, and what somebody else has.  The Bible describes this as "covetousness" - which we're told in Colossians 3:5 is actually "idolatry." 

This Sunday we will study together Luke 12:13-21.  This parable of the rich fool will challenge you to "be on your guard against all covetousness" and to find contentment in Christ alone.  Please read through this passage prior to this coming Sunday (9/29) and see if you find yourself to be somewhat similar to the person describes.  Come ready to taste of Christ ... and find Him to be more filling than anything the world has to offer!