looking to Sunday 8 Sept

This past Sunday we saw in the 2nd commandment that we are to worship the one, true God only in the way He has prescribed for us.  We don't get to come up with our own ideas of "what God is like" or make some sort of imaginary image of Him.  Rather we are to "know and see" God as He has revealed Himself in the Scripture and through the Sacraments.  But I'm betting you noticed something interesting in that 2nd commandment that we didn't address ... the idea that God is a "jealous" God.  What does that mean for us?  This is what we'll explore this coming Sunday as we continue in our series on Idolatry.  Hopefully we will begin to better understand that the "jealousy of God" is actually a good thing for the Christian and that it is the theological grounds for His judgment of idolatry.  So reread Exodus 20:4-6 and also Exodus 34:10-16 as you prepare your hearts for worship.

We will also welcome a commission from Evangel Presbytery who will be with us to install David Balzer as Assistant Pastor.  As you recall from the recent congregational meeting, David has been brought on by the Session to serve our church family for a short season while he continues to seek a permanent call from other churches.  He's essentially donating his time and ministry to our church, so for that we are most grateful and wish to honor David in this way.  Pray for him as he seeks a full-time, paid position in another church. 

And don't forget to come out on Sunday evening at 5:30 for our children's ministry time and adult Community Groups.  This is a great time for teaching, fellowship, and especially mission as we invite friends, family, and co-workers to join us. 

in Him,