A New Year

CPC has every reason to expect 2014 to be a great year; and I say that with much confidence.  Are you wondering if I have some new prophetic gift ... that I can now peer into the future and foresee all the good things that will happen to us ... that God has secretly whispered to me His specific plans for this church family?  Obviously none of those things are true; I have no special gift or ability to know the future.  But what I do know is that God has always been faithful, is currently faithful, and will continue to be faithful during 2014.

Exactly how will we experience His faithfulness?  Likely in the normal manner we have experienced it in the past.  We'll have a mixture of good, pleasant, and positive experiences together with bad, tragic, and negative ones.  But in them all, we'll enjoy the abiding presence and all-sufficient grace of our Savior Jesus Christ ... and that's a very good thing.  And, thus, I say again with great confidence, it's going to be a great year!  We just sometimes need to rethink our definition of what "great" actually means.

I would love to see this year be the year where we as a church make significant strides toward true greatness. This will be the theme of our worship this Sunday (1/19) as we read and study together Mark 9:33-41.  Please prayerfully read this passage and see what Jesus has to say about greatness ... and also how the disciples responded.  What will be our response to Jesus' call to greatness?

Also, please take note that we've rescheduled the officer ordination and installation to next Sunday, January 26th.  Here are some other important matters to take note of and schedule:

  • 1/17-1/20 - Youth Ski Retreat - please pray for their safety as well as for God's Spirit to produce a harvest of righteousness during this time.
  • 1/19 - Family Fun night; bring your favorite taco meat and toppings for our Taco Bar
  • 1/26 - Officer ordination and installation service and MDO open house (brief time between worship and SS to go visit all the MDO classrooms and see the great work that's going on in this ministry)
  • 2/2 - begin a new sermon series in Ecclesiastes
  • 2/16 - CPC's 30th b'day party!  Special worship service that morning and Talent Show that evening.

Lastly, let me say what a joy it will be to be reunited with my own church family.  During the past 3 Sundays of traveling and preaching elsewhere I have developed a true longing to be with my family.  So as we begin this new year of 2014, let me start off by saying THANK YOU for being such a loving and remarkable church family.  I'm glad to be home!