Ordination and Installation

This Sunday at Community we'll ordain and install some new officers (elders and deacons) to serve our church family for the next 3 years.  While this seems rather routine, mundane, and merely something to fill up time during worship, it's actually a great time to celebrate the beauty and function of the church.  God truly has designed the church as He would have it ... He has declared in His Word that elders and deacons are to serve the church ... He has given the church the right to call her own officers and be governed by those men. 

We will study Acts 6:1-7 and hopefully see how necessary are the two offices of elder and deacon in order for the church to operate as outlined in Scripture.  Please prayerfully read this text and come ready to celebrate what God is doing in His church, specifically here in the CPC family.  These are the men we'll ordain and/or install.  Elders:  Joe Ellis and Greg McGinnis.  Deacons:  Jason Blackerby and Stephen Miller. 

And speaking of installing new officers ... Anita and I will be traveling over to Lafayette, GA Sunday afternoon for me to preach at Highlands PCA church where former CPC Associate Pastor Tom May will be installed as pastor.  Tom and Linda Jo are old friends of ours and Anita and I are privileged to be invited to come and participate in this service.  Tom told me this new church of his reminds him of Community in many ways - friendly, welcoming, Gospel-centered, family oriented, etc.  He says that Highlands is the first church he's visited since leaving Community that he would actually want to be a member of even if he wasn't on church staff.  I thought that was a strong compliment!  Pray for Tom and Linda Jo as they begin a new season of ministry in Lafayette, GA.