Does it Really Matter?

I know we've all asked this question ("does it really matter?") many times over the course of our lives.  We deal with feelings of confusion, frustration, and futility almost every day.  We wrestle with the meaning of life ... what's it all about? ... is it worth it? ... what's the purpose of it all?  We've seen that unbelievers often have much better lives than we do.  In fact, sometimes our lives often seem better when we don't try to serve God.  So why bother with it all?

God can handle such questions and doubts as these.  In fact, He inspired an entire book of the Bible that proclaims "all is vanity."  Ecclesiastes is a fascinating and popular book that we will begin to study this coming Sunday, February 2nd.  We'll begin with Eccles 1:1-11 ... this passage serves as a great introduction to the whole book.  Please read this passage - in fact, read the entire book.

We will also observe and enjoy the Lord's Supper this Sunday so please spend some time in prayer and repentance as you prepare your heart for this important means of grace.