The word "Chattahoochee" conjures up different thoughts among different people.  Many would think of a river beginning in North Georgia, running by Atlanta, and then becoming the border between Alabama and Georgia; and because of this river some would think of an old Alan Jackson song; many others may think of a large national forest in North Georgia; the majority of folks who grew up in Florida might think of Florida's oldest and largest state mental facility.  But for me, Chattahoochee is my hometown!  Thoughts of my family, many friends, riding my bike, going to Lake Seminole, walking to school, and being a "Yellow Jacket" are all a part of Chattahoochee.  And right in the middle of all those things bouncing around in my mind is my old home church ... Chattahoochee Presbyterian, PCA.  The long sermons and prayers I endured as a kid, the big magnolia tree in the front we climbed (while our parents fussed at us), the catechism we memorized every summer at VBS, the wonderful family night suppers I enjoyed as a youth ... the place I heard the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ and the offer of salvation by grace through faith in His person and work ... the Jr High class where I received by faith that amazing and gracious gift of salvation.

This weekend I have the honor and joy of preaching there in my old home church! There aren't many in attendance (there never has been), most of the folks there are old enough to be my parents, and the town itself is in decline - my old high school is closed, the bank where my dad worked is closed, the mental hospital which supported the local economy has been reduced to 1/5 the size it used to be, even the IGA where we bought groceries for years is closed. But the one thing that hasn't been shut down is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I hope to boldly proclaim it there this Sunday.  Please pray for me and my family as we worship and then enjoy a meal with these saints in Chattahoochee.

Meanwhile here at Community, Quinn will continue our series this Sunday with a message from 1 Peter 2:18-25.  Please prayerfully read this text and pray for Quinn as he prepares his lesson on this powerful portion of God's Word.