Have a Good Day

It's likely that every single one of us have used this phrase "have a good day" at some point in our lives.  We say it to family, friends, acquaintances, and even total strangers.  But what do we mean when we say it? And when we finally lay our head on our pillow at night how exactly do we evaluate whether or not we're have a "good" or "bad" day?  We probably have certain ideas floating around in our heads about what constitutes a "good day" but it's always necessary to judge our thoughts according to God's Word.

In the text for this Sunday (1 Peter 3:8-12), Peter helps us think through what God means by a "good day" or a "good life."  As we study this passage together we will see that it has a great deal to do with relationships.  Pray through this passage prior to this Sunday and come prepared to have the Holy Spirit examine your preconceived thoughts and ideas about what makes a "good" day. 

Remember, too, that we will come together to the Lord's Table.  Spend some extra time this week in repentance as you prepare yourself for this family meal.