A Wonderful and Obscure Passage

I've come to realize that I'm a poor planner.  Had I done a better job of looking ahead and seeing what passage in 1 Peter was going to be scheduled for this Sunday I would have most certainly either gone on vacation, offered to preach somewhere else, or scheduled a mild sickness.  Martin Luther called the text we're studying this week, 1 Peter 3:18-22, “A wonderful text is this, and a more obscure passage perhaps than any other in the New Testament, so that I do not know for a certainty just what Peter means.”  I may not agree with everything Luther said, but I'm in full agreement with him here!

I wish I could tell you that I'll be sharing some truths that will simply change your life!  That after this Sunday you'll have a perfectly clear understanding of what Peter was saying here.  But as I write this on Wednesday, I'm still scratching my head wondering what's going in the text and trying to weed through the all the wild interpretations that have been proposed throughout the history of the church. 

Hopefully my words here will motivate you to do at least a couple of things:

  1. surely you're curious enough now to read the passage; do so prayerfully
  2. and please pray for me as I prepare to proclaim the Gospel from this (as Luther says) obscure text

And as you prepare for this Sunday, consider calling a fellow church member you haven't seen in a while and offer them a word of encouragement.  CPC has several hurting members and families right now ... they need us and we need them.  Christ, the King and architect of His church, has brought us together and instructed us to love one another as He has loved us.