The Life of Suffering

Back in the fall of 2002 I received a call from a secretary who was looking for opportunities for a certain PCA pastor to preach in the B'ham area while he was in town doing some other ministry work.  This pastor, Mo Leverett, had founded and was running a large ministry in urban New Orleans called "Desire Street Ministries."  Nobody here at Community knew Mo Leverett any more than they did the man in the moon, but we were intrigued by what he was doing and welcomed him here to preach on Nov 3, 2002. 

Many have since kept up with Mo and followed him over the years, particularly interested in his ministry of music.  Mo has a unique sound and writes some beautiful, Christ honoring songs.  But Mo doesn't just do music ... he is also a very good preacher!  Mo's message to us back in 2002 was, "The Lost Art of Redemptive Suffering" and his text was 1 Peter 4:1 which just so happens to be our text this Sunday.  Actually we'll be covering 4:1-6.  Some of what you'll hear from me this Sunday is a result of Mo's preaching and influence in my own life.  Better than most folks I know, Mo has a clue of what it means to follow Christ even when it involves taking up his own cross, doing works of mercy and justice, and his own personal suffering for the sake of others. 

Let's come this Sunday ready to "arm" ourselves with the ministry of suffering for the sake of others.  It's uncomfortable, unpleasant to think about, not appealing to the worldly mind, and certainly not at the top of anyone's wish list.  But the call of Jesus Christ is still there for each of us ... the only question is, "will we follow Him?"