This Thanksgiving the Boykin family has the joy of being in St. Simons, GA visiting with Anita's sister, Cindy.  We don't get to visit with her often even though we're her only family ... her husband and parents have died and she has no children.  It's good to be able to spend some time with her!  A lot of us view Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I want to propose to you that there's even a bigger family that must demand our time, allegiance, loyalty, and service ... the Church!

I can teach a great lesson on the priority of the church but recently Seth taught me an even greater lesson on this topic.  A few days ago Seth and I were discussing our Thanksgiving travel plans with some folks - going to St. Simons on Tuesday, heading over to Tallahassee on Saturday for FSU football, and then heading back to Moody.  You need to know that Seth loves his Aunt Cindy and is a huge FSU fan (he's by far the most emotionally involved of any Boykin when watching a game!).  But as we walked away from this conversation Seth was eager to tell me something.  He said, "I don't want to go to the game."  I was stunned ... Seth LOVES FSU football and is always eager to take advantage of an opportunity to go to a game.  So in response to my asking him "why" his simple response was, "Don't want to miss church ... I have job to do."

Let's be honest ... most of us don't think twice about missing church for things much less near and dear to our hearts than Seth's is to FSU football.  We'll miss church and a ministry responsibility for nearly any reason - I won't list any of the various excuses I've used myself and heard from others, but you know what yours have been. 

The Boykins are blessed and thankful to be visiting family in St. Simons this week.  But because of Seth we're reminded that we're even more blessed and thankful to be a part of the Community Presbyterian Church family.  We look forward to getting back to Moody to see our family!

This Sunday is the first week of Advent - the light of the prophets.  Quinn is preaching and will help us see the beauty of how the prophets consistently pointed God's people to Christ.  Let's come expecting to be pointed again to this same Jesus.