Finding Christmas

Though we know Jesus came to settle and calm our hearts in the most ultimate sense, we functionally experience the season of His birthday (December) as most hectic, chaotic, and exhausting.  With all the events, parties, shopping, parades, travel, family, etc. we hardly have time to pause and think about Jesus.  Oh, we may very well shout the Name of Jesus when we see the price tag on a certain item we need to purchase ... or when our kid vomits in the car on the way to the family gathering ... or when we're informed of that office party that our spouse forgot to mention ... but in the rush and frustration of everything going on around us we seldom intentionally make time to focus and meditate on the very One Who's birth we're supposedly celebrating.

There were many who even missed that very first Christmas we read about in the Scriptures.  The religious leaders, King Herod, the innkeeper, etc. all missed out on witnessing the greatest miracle of all time - God become man! 

But there were others who did come to see the newborn babe, who did behold the magnificent King, who did witness the coming of the promised Messiah who would save His people from their sins.  This Sunday we will take a look at those who came and saw.  We'll consider their differences and similarities.  But the challenge to all of us will be to make sure we don't miss coming again to behold the incredible glory of our God and Savior Jesus who was born fully man.  As you prepare for Sunday please read the traditional Christmas accounts in Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12.  Come prepared to meet Jesus and, as we must constantly do, submit yourself to Him in repentance and faith.