The Truth about Money

There are probably a lot of things we've believed about money over the years ... many of which have proven false, or at least flawed.  Though we may not say it out loud, we've likely believed that money can make us happy ... and more money surely means more happiness.  We've heard and probably believed that money is the root of all evil.  But actually Paul told Timothy that the "love of money" is the problem.  Most of us probably define "poverty" as a money issue, but Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett's book, When Helping Hurts, reminds us that true poverty has more to do with broken relationships than just lack of money. 

So what is the truth about money?  Is it okay to have money?  Should I feel guilty about having it when so many around the world don't?  Does money itself have a power or is it neutral?  Should I try to earn more of it or not?  Sometimes even churches give confusing answers to these and many other questions.

Solomon has some good things to say about money in Ecclesiastes 5:8-20.  He gives some strong warnings about the vanity of money but he also tells us that we can actually enjoy money.  This Sunday we will examine the truth about money ... both the good and the bad.  Please read the passage in preparation for worship and come prepared to wrestle with your present perspective about money.  Ask God to give you clarity about your finances.