A Bleak Observation

This Sunday we will continue our journey through Ecclesiastes and examine chapter 6.  We will encounter some more of the bleak and gloomy observations that Solomon makes about "life under the sun."  He says some very hard and troubling things about what he has seen and knows to be true regarding life apart from God:  that you can possibly possess everything yet enjoy nothing ... satisfaction is not guaranteed ... that non-life is better than tragedy of life ... that the wise man is no better off than the fool ... that insatiable appetites are never really satisfied ... that life is basically one big treadmill ... that we won't find the answers to life's big questions. 

But do keep in mind that this section (6:1-12) should be read in connection with chapter 5 where Solomon observed some other "grievous evil" things.  Yet remember he also observed something very different when God was added to the equation (5:18-20).  So in chapter 6 "the preacher" is continuing to push toward a longing for God, a longing to know "life above / beyond the sun." 

This passage was on my mind a good bit on Tuesday during a visit to the doctor to get my shoulder checked out.  All the X-rays, exams, MRI, shots, etc. combined with various songs I heard made for an enlightening experience.  God was gracious to help me understand what Solomon was getting at here in chapter 6.  I'll be sharing some of my experience this Sunday!

But please don't think bleakness will be the theme of this Sunday's worship.  Quite the opposite!  As Solomon pushes us toward desiring God, so does the weekly worship of the church.  And the big treat this Sunday will be the privilege to feast with the Lord and one another at the Lord's Table!  This is the very thing Solomon is pushing us toward!  Let's come ready to take an honest look at life apart from God, but also to expect great things from God as we taste of His grace!