Missions Conference

This coming weekend Community will enjoy her annual Missions Conference.  You may be wondering if "enjoy" and "missions conference" should be used in the same sentence ... the answer is "yes."  I strongly contend that the Missions Conference is, and should be, one of the highlights on the yearly church calendar.  Why?  Let me suggest a few reasons:

  • missions is the logical response to the good news that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead (thus the reason we schedule it for the weekend immediately following Easter)
  • if the Gospel is true (and it most certainly is) then the call to announce and spread this good news as widely as possible should be a matter of utmost urgency to us
  • if God has called His people to be involved in mission (and I can't imagine anyone arguing that He hasn't) then we must take advantage of this opportunity to be encouraged and motivated to pursue the mission to which God has called us here at CPC
  • if God is drawing people to Himself through missions (He is and will continue to do so until Jesus returns) then we must celebrate what He is doing and will do
  • if God has ordained that the ordinary means of salvation comes to sinners as they hear someone tell them the Gospel and then, by God's grace, they believe it then we must take very seriously our responsibility to send workers and even go ourselves into the harvest fields and do mission (see Rom 10:13-17; Matt 9:37-38)
  • if we're thankful for those men and women that God has called to a unique role in the mission of the church (those serving in full-time ministry or missions either domestic or abroad) and appreciate what they are doing, then we will most definitely relish the opportunity come to the missions conference and welcome them, hear them, encourage them, and personally tell them we're thankful for how God has used them, is using them, and will use them.

Those are a few reasons why we should (and I believe WILL) enjoy the Missions Conference if we come and actually engage with the activities and missionaries.

The theme for this year's conference is "Missions: Reaching a New Generation."  We strongly urge you as parents to bring your children and youth.  We've been greatly blessed over the years to send some families onto the missions field (local, international, church planting, etc.) - Jennings, Donahoos, Sharps, Morgans, Boykins, Webbers, and soon Michael and Michelle Davis.  I believe a church's health isn't determined just by how many people it can sit, but more importantly by how many people it has sent.  Community wants to be continue to be a "sending church" and that's why we want to focus on our youth this year.  Sure, it's a little scary as parents to think that our children may eventually end up on the missions field - living in places of brokenness, hopelessness, poverty, foreign languages, diseases, persecution, etc.  But it's more than comforting to know that God is in charge and may call them to something so much greater than anything we could possibly dream of.  So again, bring your children / youth, encourage them to listen and participate, and pray that God's Spirit may prick their heart to one day serve Him in some aspect of His Mission!

Make sure you check out the conference schedule on the front page of the church website.  Carve out these times this weekend and come ENJOY the conference.