Old Fashioned Wisdom

This Sunday we jump back into our study of Ecclesiastes with a lesson on 7:1-6.  In these verses Solomon gives some good, plain, solid, true wisdom for us to chew on.  He contrasts true wisdom with worldly foolishness ... which we often mistakenly identify as wisdom! 

Some of what Solomon identifies as wisdom (as being "better") seems rather odd to our modern ears.  Would we ever say, "the day of death (is better) than the day of birth" or "sorrow is better than laughter."?  I urge you to prayerfully read through this text  and come prepared this Sunday to unpack what Solomon has to say.  I think you'll find this passage very enjoyable and encouraging despite the oddness of how it reads at first.

And come hungry ... come ready to feast at the Lord's Table!  He will feed us lavish amounts of His grace as we come in repentance and faith, hungering and thirsting for Christ.