Observations of a King

As we continue in our study of Ecclesiastes we see King Solomon say in 7:15, "In my vain life I have seen everything."  We know from our previous study of this book that Solomon has repeatedly affirmed to us that it is truly vain and futile to attempt to find meaning, joy, and life "under the sun" (apart from God).  And it's not that Solomon hadn't had enough experiences to say that with any confidence or authority.  When he says he has "seen everything" he really means it!  Nothing was withheld from him, nothing was off limits, everything was at his disposal in whatever quantity he desired, and he experienced all that life had to offer for a man back in that time.  He was that guy who literally "had seen it all." 

So what does he say next?  Only that injustice seems to characterize it all.  We could probably say something similar about our own life experience ... both good and bad times demonstrate an essential injustice in the way of the world. 

So what's the answer? How should we respond?  This will be the theme of this week's sermon in Ecclesiastes 7:15-18.  It's a rather short passage but packed full of truth that is so relevant to our own particular day and time.  Please prayerfully read the passage and come this Sunday ready to delve into the glorious truths of the good news of Jesus Christ.