Hold on ... Summer's Coming

We're right on the brink of full blown summertime!  School is almost over ... Memorial Day is this weekend ... vacations are starting ... schedules are changing ... the weather is about to heat up.  What are your plans for these summer months?  The Boykin family will be consumed with getting ready for and then having a wedding.  We're so excited for Addison and really love Tam (his fiance) and are looking forward to all the fun.  We just have a lot of cleaning, yardwork, and stuff to fix before they all get here!  (It's actually a good excuse for us to do some things we've been putting off for a while.)

Community Church has some summer plans as well.  The youth group kicks it off with a retreat to Panama City during the first week of June.  The youth also have regular D-groups and swim ministry days throughout the summer.  Children's ministry has several special events planned (see the children's ministry page) and Camp Cornerstone is scheduled for July 21-25.  (btw, Camp Cornerstone will be in the evenings from 6-8:00 pm.)  We have a church-wide movie night scheduled for June 22 and a special evening worship service on July 13.  Various adult community groups have some special things planned (check with your leader ... if you're not in a group you should jump in one now). 

But we also have some summer plans for Sunday morning worship.  We're not quite ready to start up the liturgical dancing that Stokes is pushing for, nor is the tambourine of Tom May making a come back, nor will we be hanging a disco ball in the sanctuary.  But we are going to be introducing some subtle changes in the order of worship.  Right now, as is common with most every other evangelical church, things during a service sort of build toward the sermon and we end asap after the sermon is over.  What we're wanting to do is actually put the sermon in a more central part of the service and allow for longer time of response afterwards.  We already utilize the offering and a song as a response to hearing the Gospel, but we want to expand that just a bit and begin to incorporate some other elements such as readings, corporate prayers, confession of sin, and more singing.  The length of the service will remain exactly the same.  The change will be in how everything is ordered.  Please pray that God would grant us much wisdom as we thoughtfully and intentionally try to structure our services so that we can best hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And as you prepare for this Sunday's worship, please read Ecclesiastes 7:19-29.  Note how elusive is true wisdom.  Solomon dedicated himself to find it, but read the passage and discover what he found instead.