More Wisdom

This Sunday we will continue in Ecclesiastes 7 by looking at verses 7 - 14.  As he did in the first 6 verses, Solomon gives his readers great and true wisdom ... not what the world would necessarily identify as wisdom, but what God says it is.  At the core of his teaching is a challenge to us to trust God in a richer and deeper way.  Are we ready and wiling to trust God's way ... His timing ... His sufficiency ... His plan ... His purpose ... His grace.

Some of our church family has had some very fresh opportunities to trust God!  Debbie Landry undergoing knee replacement surgery, Mike Staggs having a mild stroke, Laura Barnett suffering from a bleeding ulcer, and Kim Hill still in the midst of some unknown ailment that has her sick and in the hospital.  These folks and their families have and are learning more vividly what it means to feel the strong arms of their Abba Father reach down and embrace them, lift them up, and place them in His lap.  What better place could there be?  Their pain, questions, suffering, and weakness have created a sense of utter dependency upon the Father's grace.   Solomon is challenging us to consider how well we trust God as opposed to being impatient, angry, and proud. 

Please continue to pray for the above mentioned folks and their families.  Pray for healing and quick recovery.  And while you're praying, pray that God would also grow your faith and trust in Him; that He would give you true and abundant wisdom; that you would find Him to be completely sufficient for you and your family.