Forecast for Sunday: Whirlwind

This Sunday we welcome Trace Donahoo to proclaim the Gospel to us!  Trace is a fellow CPC church member, former elder here at CPC, missionary to England, and friend.  And anyone who knows him well fully expects him to roll in here on Sunday like a whirlwind and get things stirred up ... but in a good way!  He will be teaching from 1 Peter 1:1-9 and instructing us on what it's like to live as an exile.  Please read this text prior to Sunday and come prepared.

I'm very excited about the topic Trace is addressing.  A couple of weeks ago I asked him about his upcoming sermon here at CPC.  He said he's taking us to 1 Peter and addressing what it's like for believers to live in a foreign land.  In God's providence this is exactly what I was planning to do after we finish our series on Ecclesiastes.  So as it turns out, Trace will give us a great preview and introduction to our next series in 1 Peter.  More and more I'm realizing that we as Christians in America must take on the posture of exiles living in a strange land that knows little or nothing about the Gospel.  But we'll address this more in the future after we finish up with Ecclesiastes.

As has been announced, we're adjusting our worship service just a bit to allow more time for a response of faith after the preaching of God's Word.  Not necessarily adding new or additional elements to the service, but rather rearranging them with the intent to foster this attitude of response.  As always, our goal is to best structure the service in such a way that Christ is the center of attention, that He is most glorified and adored, that His Name is the one lifted high, that we most clearly see our own sin and desperate need for Christ, and that we're given the opportunity to run to Him once again (or perhaps for the first time).  We as a staff would appreciate any helpful response you might have to these changes.