Back to Ecclesiastes

After three weeks of looking at other portions of Scripture we return this Sunday to Ecclesiastes chapter 9 where we'll examine verses 1-12.  In many ways "the Preacher" (Solomon) is repeating things he's said in previous passages, but he's also wanting to emphasize certain truths for his readers by taking a slightly different angle.  In this passage he first reminds us that all of us will eventually die ... that the "righteous" folks don't necessarily get to live longer and enjoy more things than do the wicked.  He says it is "evil" that both the righteous and the wicked experience the same event of death.  Yet even as he speaks of the certainty of death, Solomon secondly reminds us to enjoy life - food, drink, festivities, marriage, work, etc. - to the fullest.  How these two concepts (certain death / enjoy life) work together is the challenge we face in understanding this particular text.  Please read and pray through it prior to Sunday's worship service.

On Sunday we will also give an update on our church's financial situation.  God has been most gracious to us and continues to be even while we face this difficulty.  The problem for us now isn't an asset vs. liability issue, but rather a cash flow concern.  Please continue to also pray about this and examine your own heart and actions in regards to tithing. 

Also, please take the time to read the following article on some action taken by our denomination (the PCA) at our recent General Assembly in Houston, TX.  It's a statement regarding child abuse and is being recognized as perhaps the strongest statement for child protection by any denomination in the USA.  Let's agree and make sure that our church is the safest place in this community for children.

article on child protection