Like a Good Neighbor

This coming Sunday (June 8) we will step away from our study in Ecclesiastes and go to Luke 10:25-37 and consider the parable of the good Samaritan.  Hopefully we'll get a better idea of who is our "neighbor" and how we are to treat them.  It's risky, uncomfortable, and costly but, as Scripture constantly affirms, it is the way of blessing.  It's also perhaps the most fundamental way we can do outreach and make Christ known to an unbelieving world ... love your neighbor!  Please prayerfully read the passage in preparation for this Sunday's worship.

Continue to pray for Community's youth ministry this week as they enjoy their annual summer beach retreat.  I have the privilege to be with them and can honestly say it is a great group of students and adults!  Trace Donahoo is teaching us about valuing Christ above all else and how the Gospel will look in our lives as it takes root.  It's good to be with the Donahoo family this week!