A Call to Prepare

Let me urge you to spend some time in preparation for this coming Sunday.  Actually this is something we should do weekly ... but if you're like me you do it weakly!  But for this Sunday I'm asking we focus a little more energy on preparation than perhaps we normally do.

First reason is because we'll be studying a longer passage than usual.  Please prayerfully read Ecclesiastes 9:13 - 10:20.  We'll be looking at the meaning and benefits of wisdom as well as its limitations.  The second reason ... we need to prepare for the Lord's Table.  What a privilege it is to come as God's family and enjoy this meal together!  But it's necessary that we come in repentance and faith.  Spend some time getting yourself ready for this feast.  The third reason involves our Sunday School time.  This Sunday we'll combine our adult classes for a question and answer time regarding our current church financial situation.  Anytime a church addresses the topic of money emotions can run high, especially when there's evidence of poor stewardship (of which we are guilty).  Let's be praying for this meeting and for the Lord to fill us all with His Spirit and grant us His wisdom, discernment, clarity, peace, and unity as we engage with one another in this discussion. 

Speaking of preparation ... mark your calendars for a special worship service in the gym on Sunday night, July 13 at 6:00 pm.  This service will again give us the opportunity to come to the Lord's Table and enjoy our Father's grace.  But this service will be a bit different than our regular Sunday mornings.  As the elders distribute and serve the elements, they will also pray with and for you as you partake of the elements.  Either in family units or in groups of 4-8 (for singles and those in attendance without their families) an elder will spend just a few extra moments with you in prayer.  If we truly believe that Jesus is what we ultimately and desperately need, then what better way is there to spend a Sunday evening than to hear His Word proclaimed, to taste of His grace at His table, and to go in prayer to His throne of grace with one another.  Make plans now to come and join your church family in this special worship!