Doubling Up This Sunday

In addition to our regular Sunday morning service this week, CPC has a special evening worship service this week at 5:30 p.m. where we'll enjoy the sacrament of Communion together.  As the elders distribute the elements to the congregation in this service, they will pause with each family unit (or small group of 4-6) and specifically pray for the needs of that family or group.  We firmly believe that these means of grace - preaching of the Word, Lord's Table, and prayer - are what we truly need to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.  This Sunday night offers us a unique opportunity to feed upon that grace!  We strongly urge every member and friend of CPC to come this Sunday evening at 5:30 for our service in the gym.

I've long been amazed those pastors who preach twice, sometimes three times a week.  I know the amount of time, study, thought, preparation, etc. that is required for one sermon ... hard to imagine doing it multiple times a week!  That's one reason why Quinn and I are splitting up the preaching this Sunday.  (The other is a small wedding I'll be a part of Saturday evening!)  Quinn is preaching Sunday morning from Genesis 3 and that night I'll be in Ecclesiastes 11:1-6.  Please prayerfully read through these texts prior to Sunday and come prepared to worship our Living King.