Hope for Exiles

This week we will continue in 1 Peter, focusing on the "hope" that God gives His people.  And for Peter's original readers they certainly needed to have something solid in which to put their hope.  They were being persecuted, ridiculed, cast aside, demeaned, and oppressed.  They were increasingly coming to realize that this was not their home; that they truly were exiles; that the world actually hated their Savior and King, and by extension hated them as well.  Knowing they daily had to face such a life was obviously a source of pain and despair.  Yet Peter reminded them of some glorious truths ... truths that are also important for us to remember.  These truths provide the hope God's people need each day.  Before Peter begins to instruct the people how they should live he beautifully describes for them the hope that is theirs as children of God.

As you prepare for worship this Sunday I would ask you to consider if you need "hope."  Are you becoming increasingly aware of your "exile" status here? ... that this isn't your home; that you're a stranger and alien to this worldly environment; that the majority of influences on you and your family actually flow out of a system that's diametrically opposed to the ways of God as revealed in His Word; that the world truly hates the Savior you profess to believe in; that it's becoming harder and harder to follow Jesus; that Christianity is being pushed more and more to the margins of society.  We desperately need a true "hope" and I urge you to read 1 Peter 1:3-9 prior to Sunday's service and ask God to grow this hope in you.