Motive for Holiness

In last week's sermon we saw Peter giving us further explanation about this amazing salvation he's so captivated with and also explaining to us the proper response to that salvation ... HOLINESS!  It's not optional or a suggestion ... it's a command.  This week Quinn will share with us the right motivation for pursuing obedience to this command to be holy.  Read 1 Peter 1:17-21 as you prepare for worship.

I've had the joy and privilege of speaking with three fellow pastors over the past several days and, in God's providence, I've been convicted in each conversation about the need for the church to do a better job creating an atmosphere of discpleship / spiritual growth / equipping.  Pray for me as the Lord deals with my own sinful and weak heart as I seek to discern what the Lord may be teaching me about how to be a better pastor and leader for Community Presbyterian Church.  Also, if you have any specific thoughts as to discipleship in the church, call me and let's discuss it!