Time to Grow Up

As a parent there have many times when I've just wanted to look at my boys and shout, "grow up!"  Any other parents wrestle with that?  Don't get me wrong ... I have great kids and I'm incredibly proud of each one of them.  It's just that parenting is hard.  When they're babies you want them to stay small, cute, cuddly, etc. but once they start growing  you're ready for that process to kick in high gear ... especially after you've had a few (kids, that is!)

I can't imagine what my parents must have gone through with me.  I think they actually did tell me to "grow up" on several occasions, and as I remember those times I now realize they had every right to make that demand. 

So I wonder what my Heavenly Father thinks as He watches me each and every day wrestle with immaturity and lack of spiritual growth.  I would suspect He'd be shouting "grow up" with all His might.  But instead I find Him in this week's passage (1 Peter 2:1-3) not commanding me to "grow up" but rather to do something else that will cause the spiritual growth I need.  He isn't shouting at me out of frustration at my ongoing, continual, silly, childish, and immature activity ... rather He commands me to drink of Himself again and again.  Instead of condemnation He offers grace!  Instead of pushing me to "grow up" He rather appeals to me as a loving Father to come to Him and take advantage of the delicious means of grace He's given me.  The spiritual "growing up" part will then happen as a natural result.

Please prayerfully read 1 Peter 2:1-3 in preparation for this Sunday's message and come hungry to partake of God's living Word.  It is tasty, nourishing, satisfying, and effective!