Old Friends ... New Opportunities

This Sunday we welcome old friend and church member Michael Davis to our pulpit this Sunday as he preaches the Gospel from Psalm 130.  Please read this prior to the worship service and come prepared to feast on Christ from His Word.  Michael and Michelle are in the midst of raising support through Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship to soon head to England and be a part of Culcheth Community Church ... where CPC members Trace and Ginger Donahoo already serve.  They are both really excited about the opportunities for ministry over in England.  We're privileged to be sending such outstanding folks to represent Christ in a dark, post-Christian culture. 

On Sunday afternoon Quinn and I (and wives) will be traveling over to Atlanta to celebrate with David and Laura Balzer as David gets officially installed as Pastor of Grace Presbyterian in Stone Mountain, GA.  (Grace PCA - Stone Mountain)  What an exciting time for them!  CPC was greatly blessed by the Balzer's ministry among us, both in Moody and Springville.  It will be quite a joy to see our old friend David set apart by the Metro Atlanta Presbytery to serve this church as pastor.  They are in for a wild ride!

Updating something from a couple of weeks ago ... the Session has commissioned a group of women to gather information, struggles, thoughts, problems, ideas, etc. from the ladies of CPC so that they might come up with a viable plan and agenda for women's ministry to present to our church family.  So please do two things:  1) pray for these women as they do their work;  and 2) be prepared to share with them whatever thoughts you may feel would be helpful for them as they proceed.  In due time they'll be soliciting input from the congregation.  Let's work together to insure that Christ is glorified in and through the ministry of His church here at Community. 

Also, on Sunday 12 October we will be giving all our ladies a break from any regular duties of work here at CPC!  We will have men in every class (with the exception of bed babies where we would have nursing moms) to teach and care for our children that day.  Ladies ... we'll be inviting you to a special Sunday School class specifically designed for you that day.  More info on this to follow.