House Beautiful

I trust you were as blessed as I was this past Sunday as Michael Davis proclaimed Christ to our hearts.  Please continue to pray for Michael and Michelle as they move closer and closer to the time of hitting the mission field in England.  Pray for positive news as they wait to hear from several churches concerning their support.  Ask our Father to use this interim time to not only prepare them for future ministry but also to mightily use them while they remain in our midst.

This Sunday we return to our series and will study 1 Peter 2:4-10.  It's a very rich passage that should both challenge and encourage us as wrestle with Peter's teaching.  Among the many amazing truths in the text is the declaration that God is building a house!  What is this house? Why is He building it? What materials does He use? What makes this house unique?  These are some of the questions we'll try to address Sunday during the limited time of the sermon.  Because it is such a rich text I would ask that you prayerfully read it prior to Sunday and ask the Lord to give you much insight into this teaching ... it's surely much more than I'm capable of dealing with in one sermon.  And please pray for me that I would adequately prepare and be faithful to the truth of the text. 

Please be on the lookout for a very quick questionnaire that will be distributed to the members of the congregation.  It's purpose is for members to provide some quick feedback on the performance and perception of the CPC elders.  We know it's true that any church will only be as healthy as her leadership, thus it's important for the leadership to keep growing spiritually.  This spiritual growth can and will only occur when the leadership has an accurate understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.  As you complete the questionnaire, please take the time to pray for the CPC elders.  We are but feeble and sinful men who desperately depend upon the grace of God.  We know His grace is extended to us as you pray!  Thank you for taking the time to both pray and give us much needed input.