Welcome Fall

Where did the summer go?  It seems only a few days ago that we were beginning the summer months ... now Labor Day has come and gone, all our children are back in school, football season is underway, leaves are falling, and though it's still hot right now fall is rapidly approaching.  This could be good or bad depending on your preferences! 

The Boykin household sure is different.  Just a while ago we had 7 little ones running all over our busy and loud house.  Now only Seth and Griff (Jr. in high school) remain ... it's too quiet!  Anita and I find ourselves wondering what it's gonna be like in two years when Griff heads out to who knows where ... and we know this time will pass by quickly.

Kids leaving the house make you reflect on the past a bit; I find myself thinking about what I "could have" / "should have" done with my kids while they were in our home.  It's hard to not feel somewhat guilty about my many failures and shortcomings as a father. God richly blessed me (7 boys!) and has given me ample opportunity to love my children.  Sadly I've come up short more often than not! 

And now I think about how these next two years with Griff will go.  Will I learn from previous mistakes?  Will I improve?  Will I do for him what I always intended to do with all the others?  I do know this ... apart from God's grace I'll be an utter and absolute failure.  Pray for me as I try to figure out this parenting thing!

On another note - there seems to be a bit of discouragement in the air in and around Community these days.  I think this is particularly true among our women.  Again, much of this is likely due to my failure in leadership and inability to actually do the things I intend to do.  But please do know this - I believe CPC has some of the most amazing women around ... servants, leaders, humble, gracious, compassionate, caring, industrious, wise, faithful, generous, kind, and loving ladies who constantly go above and beyond what's normal.  For you I'm most grateful.  And to you I apologize for not honoring you as you should be honored.  Many of you are tired, frustrated, worn out, exhausted, and weary of steadfastly laboring for the good of the Community Church family with little or no thanks.  If any of you ladies have any particular concerns or frustrations please don't hesitate to communicate this to me.  My goal for this fall is to work toward lifting some of this burden off you and helping you find refreshment in Christ.  Again, pray for me as I seek God's grace in this area.

As for worship this Sunday, Quinn will be preaching on 1 Peter 1:22-25.  Please prayerfully read this passage and come ready to both hear God's Word preached and to feast at the Lord's Table!