Life in the End Times

I think it's safe to say we're living in the end times ... especially considering the New Testament writers described their own day and time in such terms.  This week as we return to our study in 1 Peter we'll see that Peter says, "The end of all things is at hand ..."  What does he mean and what difference does it make for believers who live in America in 2015?  We'll wrestle with those questions this Sunday as we study together 1 Peter 4:7-11.  Prayerfully read this text prior to Sunday and come ready to worship Christ in these end times!

Be praying for CPC's youth group and those students and adults who will be traveling to Beech Mountain, NC this weekend for the annual ski retreat.  We trust they'll leave very excited about the trip and skiing but return even more excited about Jesus!

As always, we have a strong group of men serving our church family as elders and deacons!  I trust you pray for these men who are responsible to God for your spiritual well-being.  Each officer is engaged in some form of shepherding and also has oversight responsibility for various ministries.  Here's where your elders are giving some specific input and oversight: 

  • worship - Wendell Bedsole
  • discipleship - Jeff Brumlow
  • shepherding - Greg McGinnis
  • mission - John Lawrence
  • liaison to diaconal ministries - David Johnson
  • liaison to women's ministries - Shaun Tillery
  • liaison to Crossroads and MDO - Josh Mitchell
  • children and youth - Joe Ellis
  • prayer - Jesse Humphrey

Pray for these men as they work side-by-side with staff and other church members to make sure these areas of church life function properly, effectively, and efficiently.

And please continue to pray for Bangladesh.  It was most gracious of God to delay the trip that Darrin Nold and I were supposed to be on this very week!  I've received word from Ayub that the situation there is only getting worse - killings, bombings, injuries, etc. are increasing; the transportation and communication systems are being interrupted; gov't officials are being targeted and attacked.  Let's ask our Father to protect our brothers and sisters there and to use them to shine forth the Gospel in a very dark land.