A New Year - 2015

Whether we were ready for it or not, 2014 is now a memory and 2015 is reality!  Every new year is full of possibilities, dreams, opportunities, hopes, potential, etc ... but we also face it with fear, uncertainty, anxiety, caution, etc.  We just won't always know exactly what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, how it's going to happen, and certainly not why it'll happen as it does. But we do know that God is good, the Gospel is true, He can be trusted, His grace is sufficient, His promises never fail, and His faithfulness endures forever.  We're called to daily trust in Him, obey Him, and wait upon His grace to feed and sustain us.

Our first lesson in 2015 will take us to Mark 5:21-43 where we will examine this matter of having to wait upon the Lord.  Please read through this text and imagine the range of emotions Jairus must have felt.  We will likely feel all these same emotions at some point during the coming year.  Let's ask the Lord to prepare us to face whatever He does in the coming months.  Also, come this Sunday prepared to feast at the Lord's Table.

I don't think any of us are necessarily big on making New Year's resolutions ... at least not with any real hope of keeping them!  We may resolve to lose weight, save money, complete a project, etc. but we aren't really that serious about any of it.  However, here are a few suggestions that we should all very seriously consider as lifestyle commitments for this coming year. 

  • pray every day with your spouse and family
  • have a time of daily Bible reading / study
  • memorize one verse (or short passage) a week
  • make Sunday worship a priority
  • be in a discipleship relationship with someone - either have someone mentor you or you mentor someone younger in their faith
  • commit to tithe  (if you're not already doing so)
  • intentionally invite a new person/family to church every month
  • allow someone to hold you accountable to these commitments

If everyone at Community embraced and followed through with these simple 8 commitments then our church family and community would see some serious transformation during 2015.