My Plans ... not always God's Plans

Proverbs 16:9 - The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

These words remind us all that even though we may have all sorts of plans, God is the One who establishes our actual steps.  As was announced, Darrin Nold and I were planning to fly out to Bangladesh this Friday (9 Jan) for a missions trip with Bill Nikides.  God, in His providence, has directed our "steps" to stay here in Alabama for at least several more weeks.  Although it doesn't get much coverage here in our news, the nation of Bangladesh is presently experiencing great political strife, violence, chaos, and confusion.  Here is a link to some BBC coverage of what's going on.

BBC article

Our friend and host, Rev. Edward Ayub (who has been here at CPC on a few occasions) began several days ago sending emails hinting at possible unrest in the nation.  Monday these emails intensified to the point that he ultimately suggested we postpone the trip.  Now we're looking at traveling sometime in February or March.

And how ironic that God would do this in my life immediately after preaching on the idea of having to "wait" on Him!  I had everything lined up to travel during January; postponing the trip will only cause me more scheduling conflicts, challenges, and troubles.  Now He's asking me to "wait" on Him and His timing.  But I do believe that what I said Sunday still applies, even to my situation ... God will require of us a far greater faith than we anticipate having to give, but will also give us far greater blessings than we can even imagine! 

Please pray for the nation of Bangladesh and for the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh to display the light of the Gospel in the midst of darkness.  Pray for Ayub and the safety of his family.  Pray for other pastors there who have recently been assaulted, robbed, vandalized, and threatened.  Pray for God's Spirit to fill their hearts with His all-sufficient grace.  Pray for many unbelievers there to be converted to Christ.

This Sunday here at Community is a most special time!  We have the joy and privilege to celebrate the ordination and installation of the recently elected officers.  God has called these men to serve Him in His church and confirmed that calling through the nomination, training, and election process ... it's now time to formally place them in office.  Quinn will be preaching from Hebrews 13:7-8 and challenge us as a church family to remember our leaders.  Please come and join the CPC family for worship this Sunday!