God's Gracious Provision

Recently in our study of 1 Samuel we've seen David running for his life ... fleeing from Saul who is trying everything he can to kill him.  Yet God has been most gracious in allowing David to escape.  God has provided friends, his wife, his physical abilities, and even supernatural intervention to care for David.  This Sunday as we consider chapter 21 we'll again see God faithfully cares for David and provides for his needs.

We believe the most convincing and sure testimony of God's goodness, faithfulness, and grace is found in the Scripture.  God's Word clearly and authoritatively reveals to us our covenant-keeping God.  Yet in His providence, God will at times give us some real life experiences of His gracious provision.  He doesn't owe that to us at all ... He just does it sometimes out of the abundance of His grace.

For example, Community Church recently lost a worship leader and his wife ... and the case could be made that both of them are among, if not the best in the entire B'ham area.  In terms of their musical ability, leadership, and rapport with the congregation they are simply irreplaceable and we dare not even try.  The prospect of continuing a high level of music in worship was seriously in doubt.  The question on everyone's mind was, "wonder what will happen to our worship music?"  Well, here's the answer ... it has been incredible!  I have heard many, many comments about how wonderful the music has been.  I have literally not come across one negative word.  People have truly been inspired by our music these past two months.  To what might we attribute this?  Were Stokes and Connie just not that good? (no, they really are that good!)  Or perhaps is God just even more faithful than we ever expected Him to be?!?!

God has used certain means to do this.  One, Stokes did a great job of surrounding himself with some good folks.  Two, those folks have been willing to invest the necessary time and energy to maintain a high quality of music.  Three, we've had others step up to participate in worship.  So to Jason, Grace, Kim, Jesse, Elizabeth, and Seth - thank you!  But the bottom line = God is faithful. 

We've seen that same faithfulness demonstrated to us in our Children's Ministry - Quinn and Angela have done great work following Paige's many years of vibrant ministry.  And with MDO - Virginia is continuing the same outstanding ministry that Brandy started and led for many years.  He's faithful to His church.  How has He been faithful to you?  And consider how today you might respond to His faithfulness!