They Were Right

We have all been in those conversations where "they" are quoted ... where "they" had some earth-shattering new info ... where "they" have the inside scoop ... where "they" are noted as either some experts or fools ... etc.  And you always wonder and often ask, "who are 'they?'"  Most of the time "they" remain anonymous and whoever is quoting or referencing them can't even remember who "they" were.  Living in the world of "they said ..." is terribly frustrating, mainly because "they" are typically wrong about whatever it is "they" said. 

But I have encountered, not for the first time, but surely one of the few times in my life where "they" are completely correct.  "They" couldn't be any more accurate.  What "they" said is not some unsubstantiated rumor or opinion but rather is absolute truth.  "They" hit the nail on the head this time.

What exactly did "they" say?  "They" told me that becoming a grandparent will change my world!!!  "They" are SO right!!!  And true to form, I can't remember exactly who "they" were who told me this, but "they" know who they are and that I would have this response!

Ella Francis Boykin - born Nov 20 at 4:45 am in Chattanooga.  8 lbs 5 oz of world changing beauty and joy!

Not that you were worried about me having a happy Thanksgiving, but I assure you I will.  And though she's presently in NICU with pneumonia and we're praying like crazy for the Lord to heal her little body, my heart overflows with gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord for His covenant faithfulness.  Maybe that's the thing that makes us grandparents so thrilled ... we get to see firsthand God remember His covenant and grow His covenant family!  I have prayed, am praying, and will pray that Ella will never know a day when she doesn't know, trust, rest in, and find life in her Redeemer Jesus Christ.  I am already praying for that young man she will meet one day and fall in love with and marry and have children with so that we might see God's covenant love extend for generations to come! 

I pray that Ella is the first of many grandkids for Anita and me.  And while my children may read this and sigh, there's no rush!  God's timing is always right and best. 

I'm also very thankful for the Community Presbyterian Church family where we see God's covenant faithfulness displayed on a consistent basis!  As a rule our church hasn't been afraid of babies.  And though we know the world in which we live is increasingly brutal and pagan, we also know our covenant-keeping God is greater than any problem the world might throw at us.  He is God ... and He is good.