Sea Shells by the Seashore

The Boykin family just returned home from a vacation down at Perdido Key, FL.  And everybody named Boykin was there ... Burt, Anita, Dane, Brinkley, Addison, Tam, Seth, Yates, Alyson, Cobi, Tanner, Griff, and Ella.  Anita's sister, Cindy, also joined us.  We had a wonderful time - nice house, good food, lots of rest and fun, decent weather (though it did rain some while we were there).

Some recent stormy weather had littered the beach with seashells and many were quite beautiful.  Every time we walked down to the beach we collected handfuls.  Each shell has its own unique colors and design; often the tiny ones were the most intricate and colorful.  God's beauty in creation was certainly on display through these shells, white sands, water, clouds, and sounds of waves crashing on the shore.

But truly the most beautiful thing to me was to see and enjoy my family all together in one place. All seven of my precious boys, my incredible daughters in law, and now a grand daughter.  To top it all off, I got to enjoy all this with my beautiful and amazing wife.  We realize times like this won't happen as often as our kids spread out more and more as they get older and more grand babies come, but we sure enjoyed these past several days.  God was so gracious to bless us in this way.  Though we may not see it all, we believe His covenant blessings will continue for generations to come.  

We don't have to go to some vacation spot and see seashells, some of God's most beautiful work is seen in our own family.  As 2016 comes upon us, let me urge you to slow down and take some time to see the unique beauty in each and every family member God has given you.  Your family is like mine ... it has problems, dysfunctional tendencies, poor communication, and just overall weirdness.  But God has given them to you!  Pause now and thank God for them.