Leadership isn't Optional

This Sunday we return to our study in 1 Peter ... specifically 1 Peter 5:1-4.  Here Peter speaks directly to the elders / shepherds among the scattered, dispersed, and marginalized Christians.  As you read this passage in preparation for Sunday, ask yourself a few questions:

  • why is shepherding so important within the church, especially the church that is marginalized and persecuted by the prevailing culture?
  • what should characterize the life and ministry of an elder?
  • why would anyone want this responsibility of serving, leading, shepherding?
  • (if you're an elder)  how am I serving in light of what this passage commands?
  • (if you're a member)  how am I encouraging and supporting my elders?

Also, remember we have a very special musical guest this Sunday morning - Mo Leverett.  We have an extended history and relationship with Mo and have enjoyed his ministry, music, love, encouragement, and wisdom over these years.  Mo really has no reason to come visit us as often as he does (we don't list him among those missionaries we financially support), except for the fact he really does love us!  This love shows in the faithfulness and beauty of his ministry.  If you know Mo at all, you know he's experienced both tremendous success and miserable failure ... yet he continues to proclaim Christ unashamedly to those of us who need to hear the good news. 

Not only is Mo singing in the morning service, he will be proclaiming the Gospel to us during our Sunday evening worship / communion service.  Please come this Sunday, both morning and evening, ready to be blessed by our Savior through Mo's teaching and music.