Talent Show

It's that time again ... for the Community family to gather and enjoy the many varied talents (and lack thereof) within our congregation.  Once again it's guaranteed that you'll laugh, clap, sing-along, shed a tear, shout, and be amazed by the various acts in this year's show.  It's surely become one of the "don't miss" events of the church calendar year.  So come on out this Sunday night, Feb 22, at 5:30 p.m. and have a great time of fellowship, fun, and entertainment. 

Those of you who missed last Sunday night's worship service with Mo Leverett missed a blessing.  Mo spoke to us from Luke 5:1-15 and essentially exhorted us as followers of Jesus to be ready to get our hands dirty as we deal with people, especially the unchurched.  But he also reminded us of the tremendous joy in being used by God to see others come to know Christ  As Community undertakes the challenge of Harvest 2015 let's do so in faith, expecting God to use us, and also realizing it will be tough.

We're getting near the end of our study in 1 Peter on Sunday mornings.  This week we'll look at 1 Peter 5:5-7 and consider how the people of God are to live together under the leadership and shepherding of the elders.  Prayerfully read through this passage before Sunday and come ready to consider how you relate to both the leadership and membership of the Community Church family.