Eating Eyeballs

Darrin and I send greetings from Bangladesh! After a very long (48 hrs) journey we arrived at Ayub's home where we've been taken care of like royalty! We'll both be 5 pounds heavier when we get back to Moody.

The work of the PCB (Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh) is amazing! As I watch and observe these believers I'm realizing what an absolute fraud I am as a follower of Christ. Ayub and those working at the Gospel Reformation Center are serious about what it means to bear the name of Jesus and yet they express constant and amazing joy. I have much to learn ... American Christians have much to learn ... CPC has much to learn. Please pray that God continues to allow us to taste His wonderful grace during our stay here.

Many asked if I was afraid of coming here. My response was, "No, I'm only nervous about maybe having to eat an eyeball or something like that."  Well, I have now officially consumed an eyeball. Details to follow when I return home!

Pray for me as I've been given the responsibility to preach to these brothers and sisters on Sunday!  Bill Nikides and I will be teaching 6 hour sessions next Monday through Thursday.  Also, Darrin and I are helping the PCB think through a denominational discipleship plan that will kick off next January. God's grace is desperately needed here!  I'm in way over my head!