We Must Focus on Our "Sent"

Having raised (and still raising) 7 boys the Boykins are pretty familiar with the concept of body odor.  Along with the body odor we have the large assortment of clothes, uniforms, socks, shoes, towels, etc. that just add to the scent of our home!  It can be rather potent at times.  But these smells often cause me to examine my own scent ... and it's not always so pleasant either!  Sometimes I'll catch a whiff of something, think it must be from someone else, but soon realize it's me!  After working outside or exercising or just a hard day I can compete with any teenage boy smell.  So instead of just worrying about my boy's scents, I have to also worry about my own!

In an obvious play on words this same thing happens with me at church.  I often wonder why people who profess to be Christian don't take evangelism seriously.  Don't they know they are "sent" by Jesus Himself to proclaim the Good News?  I worry about their "sent" more than my own.  But God keeps reminding me that my "sent" is pretty unpleasant as well.  Each of us are sent by Jesus, with His authority, to proclaim Him to the world ... beginning with where we live, spreading out to our region, and continuing this mission to the ends of the earth.  Are most Christians I know obedient to this? No.  Am I obedient to this? No. 

Again this Sunday we will consider the mission God has called us to, empowered us to do, and sent us to accomplish.  We will examine John 20:19-23 and I'd ask that you prayerfully read this prior to Sunday, asking the Holy Spirit to give you insight into the text and a desire to be transformed by it. 

Let's all start worrying a little more about our "sent."