On a Mission From God

Back in the 1980 movie, "The Blues Brothers," Elwood Blues (played by Dan Akroyd) made famous this line ... "We're on a mission from God."  This isn't to say I'm recommending or endorsing that movie in any particular way, but I wonder how many of us really do believe we're on mission from God?  I would contend, that if we believe the Bible to be true and authoritative (which it is whether we believe it or not) then we most certainly are on a mission from God!  The only real question is "what is the mission to which God has called us?"

Mission is a term that is thrown around a lot in church circles but most of us really don't know what it means or what exactly is our true mission.  We would all agree that mission is important; I've never met a Christian who says mission is unimportant. So what is it?  You could argue that "glorifying God and enjoying Him forever" is our mission.  Or perhaps "loving God and loving your neighbor" is the best way to describe our mission.  It might be that our mission is summed up in the words of an old hymn, "trust and obey."  So is MISSION just a synonym for living a faithful Christian life?  Is everything we do mission?  Stephen Neill says, "If everything is mission then nothing is mission."

In it's most basic sense, mission means 1) being sent and 2) being given a particular task.  Every one of us can produce a list of things "the church ought to do."  But does that constitute our mission?  Obviously we have to go to Scripture to find out our mission.  God's people have always be "on a mission from God" and that can be seen by examining such texts as Genesis 12:1-3; Exodus 19:5-6; Luke 4:16-21.  But probably the best expression of the mission God has sent us on is The Great Commission - most famously found in Matthew 28:16-20.  The main task given there is to "make disciples."  Going, baptizing, teaching all help us flesh out what the disciple making process entails.  And how reassuring to know that Jesus is with us, even to the end of the age!  Study these other accounts of Jesus' commission to His followers - Mark 13:10; 14:9; Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:8; John 20:21.

There is so much more to explore as we seek to carry out the mission to which God has called us ... as individuals and as a church!  Each of us are "on a mission from God."  We can't deny it ... we can't ignore it ... we can't hide behind the idea that everything we do is this mission ... we're called to be involved in the process of making disciples!!!  This Sunday we'll hear from Johnny Long as he preaches from the book of Jonah and describes Jonah's missionary career!  Please read through this entire book (it's short) prior to Sunday and come prepared to get a better grasp on this mission from God! 

Also, prepare your hearts for communion this Sunday.  He said in this great commission that He'll be with us always ... He'll be meeting us at His table!  Come hungry!