This Sunday we will conclude a 4 week look at the Gospel and how it impacts our personal and corporate lives as Christians.  We've previously considered:

  • Definition of the Gospel - from 1 Cor 15:1-4 - the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Delight in the Gospel - from Psalm 63 - how tasting of His goodness and love will satisfy us and will have an expulsive power that begins to rid our hearts of other loves less satisfying
  • Depend on the Gospel - from 1 Cor 1:1-18 - how in any family (biological or church) there will be division and other relational problems because we all, in a most prideful way, believe "our" way/group/perspective/etc. is better than all others; only when we depend on Christ, His work on the cross, and the righteousness that is ours in Him will we stop quarreling with one another and actually begin enjoying the unity that is ours in Christ

This Sunday we will consider the 4th and final application of what happens when the Gospel is applied to our lives:

  • Declare the Gospel - from Matthew 9:35-38 - as we actually delight ourselves in Him and depend upon Him as our strength we will begin to declare Him to the world.  We will see others differently and we will be moved to declare the Gospel to them. And I'm convinced we will see a harvest of conversions as a result of this.

Please read this Matthew passage this week and come hungry for God's Word.  But also pray that God will soften your heart this week with a genuine compassion for the lost, a passion for God's glory, and a commitment to declare the Gospel in word and deed in the coming weeks, months, and years.