On Naming a Baby

Several weeks ago Anita and I found out we were grandparents.  Very exciting news for us.  We believe Dane and Brinkley will be marvelous parents and do a great job of balancing out our God-ordained and approved task of spoiling that child!  And just last week we were told it's going to be a little girl ... Ella Frances. 

Back in 1991 Anita and I actually did have a baby girl.  She was born with Trisomy 18 ... a genetic disorder with the 18th chromosome; most babies with this disorder die prior to birth but sometimes the baby makes it out of the womb.  However, it is very rare that these babies live for long; only 10% of those that are born alive make it to the first birthday.  Our little girl lived outside the womb for about an hour and fifteen minutes ... her name was Eleanor Browning Boykin ... we called her Ella.

So now Dane has named his little girl after his sister.  Obviously we are honored and elated over that name.  We'll finally get to help raise an Ella!!

In the passage we will study this Sunday (1 Samuel 4:1-22) we find another baby whose name has great significance and meaning ... Ichabod.  Please read this passage prior to Sunday and ask the following questions of the text.

  • why did the mom name the baby Ichabod?
  • something important was said to have departed ... where did it go?
  • when do you think it (this important thing) departed?
  • has this important thing departed from us? ... if so how do we get it back?
  • in what ways do we treat God like a mascot? good luck charm? waiter?