Response to Blessing

Last Sunday we started a sermon series in 1 Samuel - "The True King."  Our goal is to see how we are to live under the rule of Christ as our King, especially when independence and personal freedom is idolized.  That was the case among God's people at the beginning of 1 Samuel (the end of Judges).  Judges 21:25 - "In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes."  In case you have any doubt that this verse also describes life in the good old USA right now I suggest you do an internet search on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and come to a conclusion.  Not only are we seeing such things become commonplace we now embrace, applaud, praise, commend, and celebrate such action as brave, courageous, and heroic.  Our land is just as barren and void of true godliness as was Israel in that day.  We need a king ... His name is Jesus.

We saw barren Hannah as a snapshot of that much larger picture of fruitlessness.  Hannah's sorrow and grief led her to express her heart in faith to God; He heard and answered her prayer with the birth of Samuel.  This Sunday we will examine Hannah's response to this blessing and ask ourselves a very simple question ... "How should we respond to God's blessing?"  Please read 1 Samuel 1:21 - 2:10 before this Sunday.

Keep in mind that our study of 1 Samuel is not a course on how to get God to give you children, nor is it designed to speak the ills of American politics and think that better government is our solution ... rather it is to remind us that we, too, live in spiritual barrenness and as if we had no king and, therefore, to teach us how we might submit to our glorious and eternal King, Jesus, so that spiritual fruit would be produced in abundance.  So be wrestling with the question of kingship, authority, and rule --- would you choose to live with no king? would you submit to some king other than Christ? do you want to be your own king? will you submit to Jesus Christ as King?